AWAKENING OF THE SELF - 10 Tage Retreat mit Guruji Sri Vast


AWAKENING OF THE SELF - 10 Tage Retreat mit Guruji Sri Vast

Zeit: 23. Dezember 2021 von 12:00 bis 2. Januar 2022 um 12:00
Standort: Divinya, Südschweden
Straße: Farstorp 1
Stadt/Ort: Malmö
Website oder Karte:
Telefon: 0046769525511
Event-Typ: spirituelles, retreat
Organisiert von: Divinya
Neueste Aktivitäten: 17. Okt 2021

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This retreat is an invitation to celebrate this auspicious time of the year in a beautiful and meaningful way. It is an opportunity to nourish your soul with new inspiration on the path of self-realization.
Immersed in the loving and graceful presence of the Master, we open up for our awakened state, recapturing our natural inner peace, joy and freedom. It is an invitation to dive into our deepest essence.

A retreat with Guruji Sri Vast is a spiritual encounter to meet our true Self and to become free from our past holdings and patterns. It is a way to come closer to our inner being. ​From a profound experience of Total Liberation, Guruji shares with us the Art of Enlightenment and how it is accessible to all through a process of inner transformation.

It is a profound, transformative experience. Unique self-realizations take place in the presence of the beloved Master – full of wisdom, laughter, love and humor. Guruji’s Teachings are not only transforming the individual – when the individual transforms, the world of that individual is transformed. The retreat is an inner journey towards the path of self-realization, and a guidance for practical spirituality in everyday life.

The retreat consists of early morning meditation, yoga, unique self-inquiry, nature experiences, gatherings with celebrative, joyful singing and chanting and daily Satsang with Guruji Sri Vast.

The quest of stillness and liberation is always an inbuilt urge to attain. Throughout life all efforts are made in different ways and different forms, with the ultimate goal of finding the true Self. No matter what we do, and how we do it, we are looking for this awakened state, recapturing our natural inner peace, joy and freedom.

“Life happens only once in this way.
You are a unique existence and you have the possibility to experience this life form in a unique way, which belongs to you and cannot be taken away from you.
This journey can be a totally different experience.
Come, come, let us reclaim the way of your being.”

Guruji Sri Vast



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